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Bali Aero Travel

Bali Aero Travel is a local Tour Operator and Airlines Agency based in Bali, Indonesia, specialist for Bali and Beyond inclusive Packages Tour covers Lombok, Komodo-Flores, East Java with highlights destinations are The famous blue fire of Ijen Plateau located in Banyuwangi and Magnificent mount Bromo , and Central Java as the cradle of Java history with key destinations are Jogjakarta and Solo.

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Bali Aero Travel

Bali Aero Travel (PT. Baliaero Angkasa Jaya) symbolizing the deep attached of the Founder to the Airlines Business, while Bali is our home and act as the hub to beyond destinations in eastern Indonesia. The Phoenix is symbolizing the reborn of the Founder and carry forward the long experience in Airlines Business after serving Malaysia Airlines for 19 years.

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